How Same-Day ACH Transactions Will Affect Your Fraud Prevention Operations

by Damien Hugoo, Product Manager, Easy Solutions

The implementation of same-day Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions has been getting a good amount of media attention lately. American Bankers Association (ABA) believes that widespread adoption of same-day ACH transactions represents a fundamental step to promote faster payments across the entire industry.

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Initial reaction has been that same-day settlement will pinpoint fraud more rapidly and as a result, customers will be alerted quicker. While part of this is true, there is major work to be done to pinpoint fraud faster.

In terms of fraud operations, right now most banks processes have a 2-day timeframe to tell the Federal Reserve that they want to return the ACH debit. With Same-Day ACH, banks will be forced to reengineer their entire fraud program and compress all their current processes into the 2-hour window. Subsequently, all ACH fraud prevention processes will have to start to be automated for those transactions.

Is your credit union prepared for these changes?

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