Scams Were Rampant in December

An off-shore e-mail scam targeting members and nonmembers of a Michigan-based credit union made its way to Wisconsin recently--one of several scams credit unions reported during the holiday season.

The scam targeted Community Driven CU, Ypsilanti, Mich., and spread to consumers in Wisconsin and in Texas, the Kenosha News reported (Dec. 21). A reporter of that publication received a bogus e-mail purporting to be from the Michigan credit union, asking the reporter to enter in a credit card account number and personal identification number to view a Visa card statement.

Mary Cole, Community Driven CU member service loan officer, said the credit union is aware of the scam and has received many phone calls about it. The credit union also was hit by a text-messaging scam in November, she told the newspaper.

Washington Post columnist Elizabeth Razzi noted in a Dec. 15 column that she and her daughter received a text message saying that their ATM cards had been suspended from Treasury Department FCU, Washington, D.C. After receiving the message, Razzi visited the credit union's website and saw that a scam warning had been posted.

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