What if your Phone could read barcodes?

You could do all sorts of cool things.

Check online prices for a DVD player.

Scan a book and check for reviews.

Scan the milk and add it to your grocery list.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s impossible, right? You heard the camera just wasn’t good enough.

Actually, it is good enough. But you can’t use just any old barcode technology. You need RedLaser – just maybe the most advanced 1D barcode recognition technology on planet earth.


The future of shopping at: http://redlaser.com/

Bill Rogers spoke on similar technology and offered an outstanding video clip at the recent CU InfoTECH '09 Conference in Palm Springs.  Bill said, "One attendee approached me after my presentation and said if he left the conference right now, that he already got his money worth and thanked me for a great program."

To book Bill and the future technology program, send an email to billrogers@swbell.net or call Bill at 1-800-745-2455.