How to Spot a Hoax E-Mail

Several resources can tell you whether an e-mail claim you're interested in is a hoax. One is, which describes itself as the Big List of Internet Hoaxes; another is, which specializes in urban legends and hoaxes, and a third is

Check out any of these sites before you forward that next petition, chain letter, or crazy photo.
Hoax-Busters also has a list of the "5 Telltale Signs of an Internet Hoax" that might useful.

- The e-mail will have a sense of urgency about it, and probably a lot of exclamation points in it.

- The e-mail will insist that you tell all your friends.

- The text is adamant that this is "NOT a hoax."

- It will earnestly inform you that there are dire consequences for not participating.

- It probably is full of >>>> marks, showing that it has fooled a lot of people before you, and has been forwarded all over the planet. Don't add any more!

If you must forward something, try this: The Federal Communications Commission's list of the Top 10 Spam Scams.